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Online CQC Training

Online CQC Training: Bitesize Courses Delivered By CQC Compliance Experts.

We are dedicated to providing expert-led healthcare compliance courses every month through convenient online sessions using MS Teams. Our courses cover a wide range of essential topics, ensuring that you stay well-informed and prepared in the dynamic landscape of CQC regulations and inspections.

Our team of highly skilled trainers, who are renowned for their expertise in CQC compliance, bring extensive experience as specialists and advisors across various health and social care sectors. With their invaluable insights, you can be confident in receiving top-notch training that equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

We offer a comprehensive selection of courses to meet your specific needs. Here are some of the courses we offer:

Introducing the New CQC Assessment Framework: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding how the latest changes in the CQC assessment framework will impact the inspection of your service. Gain valuable insights into the evolving inspection process and learn how to navigate it effectively.

Well Led: Good Governance, as part of the New CQC Assessment Framework: Good Governance is considered a cornerstone of quality service provision by the CQC. This course delves into the critical aspects of good governance, providing you with in-depth knowledge and practical guidance to achieve best practices within your organisation.

Preparing for a CQC Inspection, as part of the New CQC Assessment Framework: Be fully prepared for a CQC inspection with this bitesize online course. Our experts will guide you through the inspection process, ensuring you understand your personal responsibilities and how the new assessment framework influences inspections. Learn valuable strategies to avoid common pitfalls during inspections.

An Introduction to Audit, as part of Good Governance: Auditing plays a vital role in ensuring your service operates safely and effectively, consistently delivering high-quality care. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to auditing for service providers. Our exceptional CQC compliance trainers, with years of experience in supporting services, will guide you through the significance of auditing in CQC compliance. Discover how it aligns with the CQC regulatory framework and standards and gain valuable insights to succeed in your auditing processes.

Mental Capacity Act Assessments: Promoting Choice & Control: Explore the complexities of Mental Capacity Act assessments and learn how to promote choice and control for individuals in your care. Our expert-led course will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to navigate this important area effectively.

Medicines Management & Optimisation: Best Practice: Optimise your medicines management practices and ensure best practice within your organisation. Learn from industry-leading experts who will provide insights into effective medicines management, enabling you to deliver the highest standards of care.

At Online CQC Training, we are committed to supporting your professional growth and success. Join our courses today and gain the expert insights and practical skills necessary to excel in healthcare compliance. Stay ahead of the curve with our convenient and comprehensive online training sessions.

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We provide industry-leading and innovative compliance training in order to support healthcare providers in preparing for their current and future challenges related to the Care Quality Commission. Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts are available to support your business however possible.

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Course Presenters.

This course is created by leading CQC compliance Specialist Trainers who are passionate about supporting healthcare providers to understand the complexities of the CQC.

Our incredible presenters have years of experience specialising in CQC compliance and supporting services within a vast range of health and social care settings. They are committed to sharing their insight with you on this course focused on audit, which will guide your understanding and processes to ensure you continually remain compliant and deliver the best quality care to your service users.  

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Healthcare Compliance Training Made Easy.

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All sessions take place via video conference and are 2 hours in length, including a short comfort break. You will have the opportunity to submit any queries for our expert presenters in advance of the course, or during the webinar itself. 

Tickets are £75 and limited capacity – early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment!

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Is This Course For Me?

Our Online CQC Training courses are designed to benefit a wide range of healthcare professionals and organisations. Whether you are a manager, a team leader, a care provider, or an administrator within the health and social care sector, our courses are tailored to meet your specific needs.

If you are responsible for ensuring compliance with CQC regulations and standards, our courses provide the essential knowledge and guidance to navigate the complex landscape of healthcare compliance. Whether you are new to CQC inspections or seeking to enhance your existing knowledge, our expert-led training equips you with the skills and insights necessary to excel.

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